Wednesday, 25 April 2007


I was "thinking" about what I could right a post about and I thought a post on thought could be most appropriate. Over the last week I have been keeping myself and other members of my family amused by watching videos of talking animals on where else but You-tube.
The ability of these animals to produce words and even short sentences of speech in response to their environment, most commonly for the promise of reward, was something I found quiet hilariously interesting.

I has for a long time been my opinion that animals act purely out of instinct, but what makes us so much more advanced. Many will say the because our brains are more developed we are able to function through conscious thought, but could we be "thinking" in otherways.
I propose that our every action and every thought are instinctial responses to the world around us, either through the learning, remembering and production of actions of others or the instinctial use of a response that is programmed genetically within us. The feeling that we perceive as a consciousness is our mind processing which response to follow, either the learnt or genetic. This will always result in the most instinctively powerful one being used but the brain can take some time to decide which pathway it will take, such as those long and difficult decisions that we ponder for weeks.

Even worse is when the body has no memorized or inbuilt response and this leads to the bodies most basic instinctial response of STOP. AKA shock and in more severe cases fainting. Shock can be overcome though the discovery in the mind of a situation one has viewed or confronted previously that was similar and the use of the response used for that situation. The fainting situation is over come in the same manner but requires a greater length of time and for the to be only responding to this incident independently of anything else, hence why it shuts all other none essential actions down until such time as the brain finds a similar situation and hence a suitable response.

I hope you enjoy thinking about thinking about what i have written and I look forward to coming up with justifications for my theory if you have any queries.

P.S I would have attached one of the videos of the talking animals to this post if I knew how or could be bothered working out how, but I don't and I can't.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Ling Waters and Chong rule this place