Thursday, 13 March 2008

06 March - Week 6

This week has been pretty good, the weekend especially so. On Friday, we had our first of two character building days with the Padres. This was put in place because it had been shown that soldiers with strong character and something to strive for or hold on to, react better and are more capable in adverse situations and during recovery after the fact.

During the day we discussed in small groups about what our beliefs, faith and attitudes are and how they correspond with and affect our values, and therefore, our behavriour. This was a nice change from the usual conversation subjects of girls, farts, gossip and sex.

Saturday was the 1st of March and the Army's Birthday. To celebrate this, there was an athletics carnival run. It was a spectacular event. Highlights were: the tug of war, seeing our platoon commander destroy the opposition in a race, the brawl that broke out between my company - Delta - and Alpha Company before the day had even really begun (we smashed them). I also managed to grab myself a medal in the 400m - I cam first. After the carnival we had local leave. We also had local leave after Chapel on Sunday.

Monday we went to the war memorial in Canberra. A great experience, but we only had a one hour tour and then one and a half hours to look around ourselves, which is nowhere near enough time. The rest of this week we have been doing first aid. A lot of time spent watching powerpoint presentations and taking notes, but the prac is good fun, and will be worthwhile knowing.

Another interesting fact is that we're past halfway. Today is day 45 since enlistment - not that I'm counting. We're on the home stretch.

I hope all's going well for everyone else.


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Em said...

Wow, the army has a birthday?
Winner for coming first!