Monday, 11 February 2008

05 February - Week 2/Week 1 of Actual Program

This week has flown - the time is now really starting to tick over. Our platoon is also really starting to work well together and are switching on to life here. About halfway through this week, I was a bit down on the experience, but a few things managed to life my spirits. Firsly, thinking about what I'm hoping to do next year, as well as pausing and remembering where I was - Army Basic Training... how cool is that? Look... it's pretty cool and that thought keeps me excited. I also have to remind myself that I put myself through this to test myself and it seems to be working.

This week's highlights were:
  • showing up our sister platoon, 33 Platoon, by performing much better at the physical training, PT Indoor Obstacle Course, which also happened to be incredibly fun
  • firing our first live rounds today from our Steyr - good fun, but disappointing because we only got 10 rounds.

Tomorrow should also be fun; we're going to the WTSS - Weapon Training Steyr Simulator (I think that's what it stands for). This is a virtual simulator of the gun to test our accuracy before we use the real stuff again. All in all, it has been an awesome week. It felt more fun and I'm getting a bit more used to the whole thing.


Posted on behalf of MJ Waters.

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Em said...

Woo hoo, good job on being better than your sister platoon!

It all sounds rather exciting.