Tuesday, 19 February 2008

13 February - Week 3

This week, the time finally came for me to face the thing I had been dreading this whole time. Actually, even before I got here, it almost stopped me from coming - The High Ropes Confidence Course. So I'm not a big fan of heights and have known for a while that at some point in my life, I would probably do a high ropes course. I've always wanted to avoid it and have done so on one or two occasions. This one was unavoidable. I had to do it.

So the time comes for me to climb up the post to where the wire course starts, 10 metres above the ground. At the top, I started breathing a bit faster and the heart rate increased. Then it was weird - I managed to keep myself calm, while suspended 10 metres above the ground. I didn't think I would have the capacity to do this.

The course consisted of the usual ropes course stuff, with the 2 worst things being the log or plank walk and 'Jacob's Ladder'. The log was, well, just a log that was roughly 10 metres long, round and a little creaky, that you had to walk along unassisted. Real easy on the ground... a little different 10 metres up with a breeze and the odd shake or two from others falling off the other sections of the course. 'Jacob's Ladder' was the worst in my opinion. It's a 30 cm wide wire and wood ladder that tilts when you unevenly spread your weight. Like the log, you had to walk across without assistance. The course also consisted of abseiling off a 25 metre tower down a wall and an overhang.

It was a really good day and an incredibly satisfying experinece to have done it and I was very surprised at how well I did. If I had been made to do it a few years ago, I don't think I would have done anywhere near as well - or in a better way of putting it - 'as composed'. Something that made it all the more spectacular was that we got pizza, garlic bread and soft drink that night, plus two hours free time.

I attribute my success on the day to maturity, strong will, time spent visualising myself succeeding, work on high places and up ladders with my father and the heck of a lot of praying I did before the day.

I'm a very proud, happy and relieved person at the moment,

Matt Waters.

Posted on behalf of MJ Waters.


Em said...

Aww, yay!
Don't really know what else to say except 'aww yay!'

How about: I would never have thought you to be not so crash hot about heights, you being so athletic and all. You learn something new every day! (Hey I can use that)

Great job, I'm glad you have something to be proud of.

Kyla said...

Gosh! i know how much you hate heights so I'm incredibly impressed... I'm fairly sure I'd rather die.

Good work, Matt! I hope this week is just as fulfulling for you.